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Brand equity is known as a phrase found in the advertising industry which will describes the significance of having a recognized brand name, based upon the idea that the owner of a well-known name brand can make more money via products recover brand name than from items with a less well-known identity, as customers believe that a product or service with a popular name is better than products with less recognized names. You will find few ways in which Dutch Woman Company can easily strengthen and leverage their very own brand value. First, Dutch Lady Business should emphasis more as a leader in providing healthy and balanced dairy nourishment. This is credited their business mission of " Assisting Malaysians move ahead in life with trusted milk nutrition”, they have to continue even more efforts by manufacturing healthier products and committing to responsible meals production. For example , Dutch Girl Company really should have a World Dairy Day for Dutch Girl Malaysia can take this chance in remembering the World Milk Day and also to spread the importance of the many advantages of milk to buyers. Besides, Dutch Lady Company also should organize and take part Nutrition Studies to creating a healthy Malaysia. They must take part in nutritional studies conducted with relevant and impartial authorities in raising knowing of the dietary habits and deficiencies amongst consumers. This activities may help the company to strengthen and leverage their brand equity. Secondly, Dutch Female is advised to come out with some cool product development approach. Launching of a new product should be to increase sales and also earn more profits. The new merchandise innovation will help Dutch Girl to maintain their loyal buyers who are look for electricity costs product. Dutch Lady can launch a lot of products which in turn focus on elderly. In the last number of years, osteoporosis is now recognized as key health problem. Nederlander Lady firm can produce more dairy that contain nutrition such as calcium, magnesium, fluorine, strontium, water piping, zinc, manganese, boron, vitamin C, D and...

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