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Film Studies 1800

American Sniper

After seeing the film, American Sniper, it definitely met and exceeded my expectations. Many techniques from the quality of existence during battle, to the real fear both sides faced, was shown in great fine detail during the film. One thing that stood out to me was how the administrators and copy writers depicted the enemy's way of living. Many warfare movies today only concentrate on the American side of war. In this movie this showed the struggles and hard times the fact that Iraqi people faced. I identified very well with the key character, Bob Kyle, as I watched film production company. What really hit house was simply how much he overlooked his as well as the way of lifestyle back in the Usa. After seeing the move it has made me appreciate the many eschew that our males and assistance women make to keep each of our country safe. This movie does a best wishes of placing that in to perspective and sharing with us the hardships of authentic warfare. This kind of movie was definitely a rewarding experience for me. That opened my own eyes to how warfare really is. Plus it in brief touched within the death of Chris Kyle. It offered me more information on his murder and this his killer was struggling with a extreme case of Post Upsetting Stress Disorder. The learning encounter from this motion picture and Chris's death is usually that the brotherhood the particular Army veterans have is usually above all else. Even though Chris achieved it through several tours of work he makes a decision to take on the mission of helping a struggling other war seasoned. He knew that this might be a challenging activity and having been up for it. The promo of this film was useless on. This appealed to people who are patriotic and intrigued simply by action, excitement and episode. It is a great film that I would advise to any mature. The lessons i learned using this film can stick with myself for a long time. Bob Kyle is known as a true American hero and deserves to travel down of all time as one of Americas best troops ever. The setting...


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