A leading, industrially advanced developing nation, India provides large, moderate and little industrial units of creation in almost all branches with the industry. Because the time of the independence in 1947, an important feature with the Indian economic climate has been the quick growth of the tiny industry sector. The small industry sector is known as to have a major role in the Indian economy because of 40 percent share in the national professional output along with a great 80 percent share in professional employment and nearly thirty five percent discuss in export products. The small range industries sector has been assigned an important part in the industrialization of the nation by the earlier and current governments of India.

There are simply no clear established definitions of small scale market. Small scale industrial sectors are usually recognized from the considerable and medium-scale industries on such basis as size, capital resources and labor force inside the units. Previously the government of India experienced grouped small-scale industrial companies into two categories - those applying power yet employing lower than 50 people and those certainly not using electric power and employing less than 100 persons. Yet , capital purchase on plant and machinery by devices is considered because main requirements for unique between the large and small industries. A great industrial unit can be grouped as a minor unit only if it satisfies the capital expenditure limits established by the federal government of India (GoI)


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• Use Based Classification

• Simple industries

• Capital Products industries

• Intermediate Goods industries

• Consumer Products industries


Standard industries will be those sectors which present essential advices for the introduction of other industries and the economy. In other words, these are industries which usually provide basics for progress other companies. For example , the iron and steel market forms a basis to get the development of the engineering industry. Fertilizer is certainly basic insight for the agriculture. Fossil fuel, oil and electricity can also be regarded as standard industries because growth of modern industry depends on the supply of these kinds of vital advices.


Capital goods sectors are individuals industries which produce machinery, equipment or perhaps tools. A capital good is one which is instrumental in producing other goods or services. The capital merchandise do not straight serve virtually any consumption necessity. They are accustomed to produce buyer goods (and other goods) and solutions. The capital products industries happen to be capital intensive in mother nature, i. at the., they require hefty capital expense

E. g. Hand tools and machine tools, specialised equipments, Electric Motors, Heavy Vehicles and so forth


Intermediate products are goods which have previously undergone production process yet which form inputs to get other industries as materials for further processing, part or component.

Electronic. g. Organic cotton Spinning, Tyers & Pontoons, Manmade materials, Bolts, nuts, screws, planting season Metal etc


The consumer goods industrial sectors are all those industries the outcome of which provide the final ingestion requirements. The customer goods can be broadly labeled into Consumer Durables and Consumer nondurables. Consumer nondurables are all those goods which tend to be used up at the same time or in a relatively short period, like food stuffs, cigarette, soap, electrical bulb, elc. Consumer durables, on the other hand, serve the customers over a relatively long period, like car, bicycle, electrical fan, television, refrigerator, etc . A differentiating characteristic from the consumer...

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