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Comair's Christmas Disaster Bound to Are unsuccessful

In 1997, Comair IT department have prepared to replace a great aging musical legacy system that the regional airline utilized to administration flight deck hands. However , as a result of all organization users have been completely adept within the existing program and the proposed system had not been satisfied by the management of Comair, the replacement of system has been withstand. After that, a vendor was selected in 2000 intended for the replacement of system. Nevertheless , sequence of events: Y2K, acquisition of Comair by Delta in 2000, pilot reach at 2001, the emmergency 911 event and downturn of airline sector have cause the wait of the replacement unit project. In June 2005, Comair get approval by Delta to start with to apply this replacement unit project in 2005. Nevertheless , a serious winter thunderstorm in Dec 2004 has forced the device crash because of the system cannot handle the large amount operation due to hold off and terminate of flight. The system was not able to operate for several times. The episode caused Comair lost almost as much as the money earned in the preceding 1 / 4. The President of Comair was also stepped down due to this occurrence. In 2006, Delta airline was reported that it will post another substantive loss that year and the fund elevating of the replacement project was become possibly harder. Since March 08, even the substitute plan is still in work, the legacy product is still running with only some connection solution have been applied to avoid the similar episode of 2004's Christmas. The writer point out which the disaster is caused by the Comair and Delta unable to manage the operational risk. He likewise pointed the incident could be prevented in the event that • Comair IT executive have not completed the kind of risikomanagement analysis that alerted Delta to the perils of not exchanging the legacy system. • The Delta executive ought to insist to done their own analysis with the carrier's risk.


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