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Imperialism DBQ

Due to industrialization the world started to be much more

advanced in ways such as exploring new elements of the world that had been thought to be unknown. Industrialization started to push both Europeans and Americans to succeed in the new extents of the world, that happen to be known as Africa, Asia and South East Asia. Throughout the mid seventeenth Century various changes started to occur as a result of new effects of finding the new regions. Because an result, the changes triggered many significant effects in social, economic and political areas. This seemed to result the colonized nations nevertheless also individuals who were being colonized.

Social existence during the time of industrialization became incredibly heavily viewed. Religion was a large element in the social aspect of colonization. For example , Document 3, states "... We have the Bible now they have the area. " This shows that since the arrival of the colonizers what used to always be African area now is one of the white guys, as well as the religious beliefs Christianity. The document was slightly biased. Written by an African(pov), the document implies that the dark roles and white roles became

switched. File 4, cited from Josiah Strong states the " Competiton of Races". This kind of seems to be a negative effect of imperialism. This doc seems extremely biased taking into consideration the reverend is known as a christian.

Papers 1 and 5 discuss the effect of economic creation. Document one particular refers to imperialism as being a great aspect. Mcdougal, O. G. Austin shares that imperialism is developing new things including railroads, highways, trains, pathways and telegraphs. The author appears to be the colonized americans and everything for

imperialism. Doc 5, written by John Hobson, states that imperialism provides negative effects due to the lack of funds being recieved by the retailers. It becomes harder because of the fresh inventions and fewer needed person labor.

Documents a couple of and 6 express the political effects of...


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