The problem of low achievements from the general to the tertiary level of each of our educational program has led the educators and planners to embark programs to raise the caliber of education. Observers from every sectors mentioned that universities are making poor quality teachers – the elementary educational institutions are creating graduates who also could hardly go through and compose and the excessive schools will be turning away graduates who could hardly speak English and they are not ready for college work. A continuous straight down trend inside the quality of education and academic achievements of the learners in all levels, especially the secondary school pupils has been acutely observed in recent years. Many studies revealed that the second graduates failed to come up as to what they were likely to accomplish inside their 4-years of schooling. Many sectors happen to be alarmed by low overall performance of the participants. This low overall performance is attributed to many elements (EDCOM, 1991). Past researches classified three significant elements that influenced the instructing learning process: the instructor, the spanish student, and the teaching-learning process. Relating to Elegancia (1997) the best teacher using the best tools and supplies available will fail until the learner is ready to master, and the quality of learning depends upon the quality of the student. Various elements have damaged learning at school. These factors include environmental factors, classrooms, textbooks, equipment, school items, and other training materials, the school head, the teacher, the pupils, house, language of instruction, and so forth English language has been decided by the nationwide policy manufacturers as the international language in the Israel. This decision was even though English can be understood atlanta divorce attorneys continent and can claim a wider physical range than any other tongue. In echo with this kind of mandate, the declared insurance plan of the DepEd as mentioned in Quality No . 73, series of 1973, stressed the achievement of competence and skill in both Filipino and British. In the Philippines it is the method of instructions in our universities system through the basic education to the tertiary level, nevertheless , despite all efforts from the education government bodies to heighten the educating of English language in our schools, the students' British performance is definitely below satisfactory (Robles, 1998). The mastery of British language is definitely immeasurable due to its numerous uses; however , it might only be an authentic tool to effective interaction if it is used with utmost accuracy, clarity and efficiency.

Qualifications of the Research

This study determined the elements that influenced the English achievement from the first year students of Adquisicion National Senior high school. Formerly, this school was an annex campus of Liloy National High School and established in June, 1999, however , just lately, it attained its independence and known as Compra National High School. It truly is on it is 10th yr of procedure and it is been able by a female principal with ten (10) regular and five (5) school board teachers and 750 college students under her supervision. It is located in a 21, 000 sq . meter lot adjacent to the Barangay Hall together with the Countrywide highway. It includes fifteen (15) feeder Primary Schools. CNHS is a complete high school holding three areas each curricular year with an average population of 50 (50) learners per course. The teacher-student ratio is definitely 1: 55. In terms of the students' British performance, the researcher becoming an English teacher of this college, she has noticed that many of the pupils, specially the freshmen happen to be handicapped in English dialect. A great number of the freshmen will be slow visitors with low level of knowledge and can hardly speak the language. In order to have a baseline data on the English proficiency and accomplishment this study is done. In terms of the students' overall performance in the Countrywide...

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