Censorship, the MTRCB, and a Martyr from Tondo

Freedom of speech and the auto industry safety

" Freedom of speech is the right of individuals to express their opinions widely without governmental interference, susceptible to the laws and regulations against libel, incitement to violence or rebellion, etc . ” Yet we are certain to such restrictions in revealing our correct of conversation that generally endangers community and personal safety and affect silence of other extraterrestrials. We can communicate whatever we would like to say regarding arts, writings, songs, and more but to what extent? We could talk readily about the difficulties that problems us in a daily basis, talking to the workmates regarding politics, economics, science, calamities and a lot of topics. Truly, we can manipulate things in right order and sequence since the days passes by without realizing that we proceeded to go too far. All of us subsequently intended to freely enact things that is certainly contributory to the betterment with the public yet animus or perhaps hostile to other group or person. We neglect to think about the response to our activities, if it is indecent and can harm other people's stop or if it is against for their standards and moral principles. I think that the freedom of speech can be used in fashion that doesn't ruin the popularity and perception of worship of different groups. As being a responsible person, we decided to go with things which can be uttered by simply not producing stories or direct accusations that is not proven legally. We can't speak about how awful a person is if we did not also know their particular character attributes or patterns in general. Like what Rodolfo Vasquez stand in accusing the Barangay chairman for terrain grabbing, involve in gambling and taking by writing it within an article of a newspaper. Extremely a good idea nevertheless he must ingeniously chose the proper word on his article specifically on the accusations that has not been yet verified. If this is everything regarding retaliation of what happened in the past with that man or woman, then it can not a good proven fact that we seek out revenge and point out some hearsays and...


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