HIS 222 – United States Record II


Credited: 11pm Tuesday 30 Dec 2014


You should write a a thousand word analytical essay (approximately five pages) in response to the topic and questions known below. Every single essay has to be analytical and well-organized (this is not a book report). Remember to work with specific good examples to support the generalizations, and (once again) the essay must be conditional. College college students are expected to write down well-organized analytical essays, not really simplistic book reports. Usually do not use first-person, " We, ” inside your essays. It really is your paper; you are definitely the author, thus " I” is pointless. Consequently, avoid the phrase " in my opinion” because it is your paper. In addition , do not make use of the phrases " the publication said, ” " available, ” and other stock terms. For the purposes of this course, those phrases generate " wimpy” scholarship mainly because you are hiding at the rear of the writers and not having a stand. Finally, do not plagiarize. Your sources will be our text book, PowerPoint lectures, documented films, and in-class discussion posts. After the Detrimental War, the us of America underwent tremendous economic, sociable, cultural, and demographic alter as modern America started to take basic. Indeed, the movement west, the new commercial order, the changing characteristics of work, the massive migrations of populations through the countryside and abroad, and the rise of great cities converted America in the late nineteenth hundred years. Historians are curious about three key questions: once, why, and where.

How would the USA change?

When did it change?

For what reason did it transform?

Where would the changes come about (North/South/West; metropolis or country, etc . )?

With these questions at heart, please compare the nation in 1865 for the nation in 1900.

In the long run, you will have drafted an composition describing and explaining the historical relevance of the fresh, increasingly modern day, America in 1900.


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