In the story of mice and men, Steinbeck under no circumstances gives Curley's Wife a name.   This is done to exhibit that your woman does not include any identity or position on the farm.   As Curley's Wife is a representation coming from all women in the 1930s I believe Steinbeck uses her to exhibit that the girl does not possess any personality or placement on the ranch.   As Curley's Wife can be described as representation of most women inside the 1930s I believe Steinbeck uses her to demonstrate that most girls back then experienced no identity or placement in the operating world. No characters inside the novella maintain Curley's Better half and very little attention has to her.   However many of the guys only find her as an object. I do believe Steinbeck conveys that idea by his description of her.   When we and George and Lennie happen to be first introduced to her, Steinbeck takes a very long time to describe her.   ‘She experienced full rouged lips and wide-spaced eye, heavily made.   Her little finger nails had been red.   Her hair strung in small clusters, like sausages…'  This Personally i think Steinbeck uses to present Curley's Wife while an object to the men and society.   It is to display that Curley's wife will be worth as much as she's wearing. Yet Steinbeck won't only make use of the description of what she actually is wearing, he also fully describes her actions.   This is to show the physical consciousness the men possess towards her.   ‘She put her hands behind her back and leaned against the door frame to ensure that her body system was chucked forward' Steinbeck's information of Curley's Wife's actions, I think, is usually to not only illustrate the gents physical understanding, but to demonstrate desperation of Curley's Partner and the women in the 1930s.

Steinbeck shows the mens reactions toward her while hostile with the use of language.   When George first meets her he responds to her ‘brusquely'.   I believe this is showing the hesitance men have toward Curley's Partner.   I experience Steinbeck besides this to make us experience sympathy toward Curley's Partner and women inside the 1930s, nevertheless also toward men in the 1930s as they have to be really careful and hostile...


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