Unit 8 - Phychological Perspectives

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Psychodynamic Approach

What is the Psychodynamic Procedure?

The Psychodynamic approach was initially introduced with a gentleman called Sigmund Freud. He presumed that the way we behave and think is done throughout the unconscious brain through activities we have gone through mainly in childhood. Supposition Corporation. (2003-2013). what is the Psychodynamic Approach. Available: http://www.wisegeek.org/what-is-the-psychodynamic-perspective.htm#. Last utilized 17/03/2013.


Freud's psychosexual stages, the age they develop and the physique part: DENTAL; Freud's dental stage this individual believed came about around the regarding 0-1ВЅ years, baby, labor and birth to jogging. This level consists of a baby experiencing issues through their particular mouths, by biting, dental, feeding and crying. ANAL; this level comes at between your ages of just one -3 years old. It is aimed at us learning to control the bladder and bowel motions (toilet training). Learning to be able to control these movements since children can help make them feel they own accomplished anything, especially if the parents praise them for doing so. However in the event the parents ignore the child or punish these people for not having the ability to hold this in then your child will probably get bigger up developing a fear via going to the toilet, and/ or perhaps disappointing other folks. A kid's experiences at this age can affect these people later inside the unconscious brain later on in life effecting any actions or personal preferences. Alan Chapman. (2006-2013) Erikson's psychosocial development theory, Available: http://www.businessballs.com/erik_erikson_psychosocial_theory.htm#freud's_psychosexual_stages. Previous accessed 16/04/2013

PHALLIC LEVEL; this relates to children between the ages of 3-6 years of age. This is not simply aimed at young boys but young ladies as well; the phallic stage is all about reproductive : issues. Not being able to understand and inquire questions like " so why do just I and daddy possess willies rather than mummy? ” LATENCY: this kind of stage develops around the age groups of children between 5-12 years. Although this does not really arrive under Freud's psycho-sexual advancement as the phallic level covers the majority of this and after that the child does not think about sex/sexual needs even more until the following stage. Alan Chapman. (2006-2013) Erikson's psychological development theory, Available: http://www.businessballs.com/erik_erikson_psychosocial_theory.htm#freud's_psychosexual_stages. Last accessed 16/04/2013

GENITAILA: this is Freud's final stage, puberty. This kind of stage differs age for everybody, but typically starts between 11-18 years old and occasionally previously for girls. Guys may start to concern their fathers more and treat their mums as service personnel there to hold back on them hand and feet. Daughters may start arguing with the mums more and some may possibly unintentionally passade with the fathers. Dating, hanging out with friends and fondling will require a higher position during this level as well as anything to undermine authorities' figures.

Relating to Sigmund Freud we have three different parts of our individuality present with one of them getting there by birth; this individual divided these people into the levels the IDENTIFICATION, the Spirit and the Superego. He referred to them to be like an banquise. Meaning that we might only be able to reach the very tip but underneath there is a lot more to find out like the individual personality, we might only bear in mind small amount of details but if you dig deep enough you are able to recall information from years ago but since it is not that important such as a meal the mind pushes it down aside to make room for more information. FREUD QUOTE' the mind is like an ice cubes berg, it floats with one 7th of it is bulk over a water' IDENTIFICATION: the Identity is the just part that may be present coming from birth; this area consists of the primitive and instinctive behaviors. Freud thought that it is the principal component of the personality. The id is additionally driven primarily by the pleasure theory being out wants and desires to have something. We have this need with us from beginning so that the needs...

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