A. Write over a underlined expression the use of the noun in the sentence in your essay. Example. Wecan give the _parents_ pleasure by taking each of our studies critically. 1 . ”Shooting the rapids”in Pagsanjan Comes is a single experience vacationers would not like not to miss. 2 . To end his or her research should be the ambition of every scholar. 3. Goodness helps individuals that help themselves.

4. The Agrava Board investigated the assassination of Benigno Aquino. 5. Fr. Sonny Ramirez, a popular Catholic priest, was invited to speak before the students. 6. Charity is adesired trait, in Filipino females.

7. Just about every Filipino knowns the overdue Ninoy Aquino, the assassinated formee senator. 8. Parents often give their children practical advice

on the lookout for. William Shroeder is the world's second recipeint of an man-made heart. twelve. Martial legislation was announced in the korea in 1972.

eleven. The Ifugao Rice Terraces is considered one of the wonders worldwide. 12. Several formerrice areas are now neighborhoods.

13. Sociable workers go out and comfort the poor.

14. Tobe abundant is certainly not alwaysa benefit.

15. Cash cannot provide one with everything she or he needs. 18. Getting an education is 1 wayof prefaring for the future. 17. We should take pleasure in and esteem our parents.

18. Teachers, students'second father and mother, should try to serve as types 19. Professors should be cautious in their choice of words

twenty. Words can easily hurt someones feeling

B. Fill out each write off with a suitable noun. 1_____________have very poor effects about aperson's wellness.

2 . College students welcome____________

3. ________________is needed by the body system.

4. Young kids need ___________________

5. Professors give all their ______________to locate, out that they have realized the lessons. 6. The parliament with the ________________became extremely popular. 7. Matn Nievera and Pops Fernandez are...


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