Study within the Present Situation, the Problems as well as the Risk Analysis of Investments Investment Finance in China and tiawan

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 Essay about Study for the Present Situation, the Problems as well as the Risk Examination of Securities Investment Fund in Cina

Research on the Present Situation, the issues and the Risk Analysis of Securities Expenditure Fund in China

1 . Scope/ realistic of task

The securities expenditure fund in china actually is quite similar with the common fund in USA. Customer one of arise markets on the globe. Compared with the developed industry, it continues to have so many problems that have to exploration and examine. Mutual funds started in the second half of the 18th century inside the Netherlands ( Rouwenhorst, 2004). In the 21th century, the number of mutual funds in the U. S. had already surpass the number of investments listed on the New York Stock Exchange. Investment company institute (2002) mutual account factbook studies more than 8, 000 mutual funds in the U. T. in 2002, compared to two, 800 organizations listed on the New York Stock Exchange. Madhumathi and panwar (2006) defined that mutual money is one particular very interesting topic that not just to researchers on the globe, also for all of shareholders. They thought that the investors preferred to take a position the mutual funds as a investment alternative because shared funds is actually a medium-to-long term investment alternative. That the good reason that that the funds are popular for shareholders.

Over the past ten years, cina securities investment funds a new huge creation in china. By the end of 2001, you will discover 14 securities investment fund management corporations, and those corporations operated and managed forty-eight closed-end funds and 3 open-end funds. The total worth of closed-end funds are 70 billion dollars yuan. The several types of investment account occurred due to this situation (Guo, 2004). With all the speed of development of investments investment cash, there are a lot of complications during the process of development. Especially in china, as a result of time of development of securities purchase funds is usually not too long, the lack of theoretical study about investments investment funds, the lack of understanding of fund's function, location and operation device. In the process of operations, some illegal operation occurred in second market lately. Otherwise, the problem of the inside control of investments investment fund was revealed. The bellowing problems help to make a negative a result of the investments investment money to all of investors in china. Furthermore, those problems motivated the development of securities investment fund in China, even the purchase fund acadamies. According to the research on the mother nature of these challenges, the risk evaluation and risk management is the most important concern for the introduction of securities purchase funds in China (Pan, 2005).

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Markowitz (1952) suggested the modern collection theory-mean-variance model. This model began the research of risk quantification. In the modern collection theory, Markowitz provided that the measurement of portfolio risk, which established the returning of property as normally distributed function, the risk as the standard change of return, and set a portfolio like a weighted combination of assets. Through this model, the return of any portfolio is definitely the weighted combination of the assets' returns. after Markowitz's contemporary portfolio theory, Sharpe (1964) proposed the capital asset prices model that may be widely used inside the pricing of risky securities. Capital asset pricing unit based on the current portfolio theory and this model also got all presumption of modern stock portfolio theory. Capital asset prices model demonstrate the relationship among risk and expected go back. Depends on contemporary portfolio theory and capital asset pricing model, Ross (1976) put forward the arbitrage pricing theory as an alternative to capital asset costs model. The arbitrage prices theory got some macro-economic factors that may control the price tag on stock. Since the arbitrage costs theory need to consider macro-economic factors, this kind of theory is far more flexible and even more difficult to work with. However , there are a few limitations of modern portfolio theory. First of all, modern portfolio theory try to decrease...

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