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SC/NATS 1775 6. zero Technology and Civilization

Instructor: Doctor Vera Pavri

E-mail: [email protected] ca

Lectures: Tuesdays and Thursdays @ 4-5: 30pm in CLH L

Office Hours periods: Thursdays by 5: 30pm to 6: 30pm, Bethune 217 – Make sure you contact initial ______________________________________________________________ Program Description:

This program examines the, development and use of important technologies by antiquity to provide day. We all will explore how social, political and economic factors can impact the success or failure of new systems, and the effect new technologies have on society. Crucial themes that is to be surveyed in this course incorporate a) technology, culture, contest and male or female, b) faith and technology, c) the partnership between science and technology, d) the management of technology, and e) just how users condition new technology. Further information regarding natural research courses can be found www.nats.yorku.ca.

Class File format:

The class is scheduled in order to meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4-5: 30pm. Classes will begin with a lecture then a discussion period of class readings. Students must remain for both the lecture and discussion periods. Attendance is mandatory. YOU SHOULD REMEMBER YOU ARE IN SECTION M.

Essential Texts:

1 . Thomas Misa, Leonardo online: Technology and Culture from the Renaissance to the Present. 2nd Male impotence. Baltimore: John Hopkins University or college Press, 2011.

2 . Dr . V. Pavri, Technology and Civilization Program Reader. Kendall Hunt Club.

a few. Ben Goldacre, Bad Research: Quacks, Hackers and Big Pharma Flacks. McClelland & Stewart, 2011.


Book Job (8%)Due Thurs night Nov 20 2014

Midterm Exam (20%)Held During Fall Exam Period

Technological Controversy Paper (30%)Due Thursday 03 19 2015 Final Exam (30%)Held During Spring Test Period

Attendance (8%)Details in class

In-class Assignments (4%)Details in class

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