Lena's mild, sweet, servant-like behavior was a commentary in route on the way world saw and treated girls in the early on 20th 100 years. Lena did not have an view of her own, she did not know how to make decisions on her own; she was told what things to think, best places to work, practical tips for her money, her free time and her future; her life was designed by someone else because she was a ladies and unable to make decisions pertaining to herself.

In the early on 20th 100 years society cured women like they were not really important, their duties were to have kids, cook and clean for their husbands and far like children of this timeperiod, women were to be were to be seen but their sounds not heard with regards to nearly anything outside of the family. It is also important to note that at this time in the 20th hundred years women were not allowed to vote, their thoughts of this sort of important issues had little to no consequence. " Lena was the second woman in her large friends and family. She was at this time just seventeen years of age. Lena had not been an important child in the family members. She was always sort of dreamy and not there” (Stein 146). Impegno was german born and arrived at America on the behest of her great aunt, Mrs. Hoydon, " who have thought it will be a fine factor to take one of these girls back with her to Bridgeport and obtain her well started…Lena did not really know what it absolutely was that had happened to her” (Stein 146) your woman was only expected to follow along and do what what organized for her by others; " Lena was so nonetheless and bright, she would never want to do items her personal way” (Stein 146). Females in 1909 were ‘owned' by their partners much like material possessions and therefore had been expected to carry out what they had been told by male member (or dominant member) of their household, Lena was no exception. Within the ship to America, Ardore became sea sick, your woman was put in her space and there is where she stayed at throughout the journey, she would not venture out to get fresh air, she was " light, and frightened, and poor, and ill and...

Bibliography: Stein, Gertrude. " The Gentle Impegno. " 1909.


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