Week your five: Final Project

Monica Venegas

CGD218: Visible Literacy in Business

Instructor: Hannah Judson

January 21, 2013

" All of us communicate through images. Visible communication is a central facet of our lives, and much of it is completed indirectly, through symbolic means: by terms and symptoms and signs of all kinds. ” (Berger, 2007)

I have decided to use the procedure for visual connection, as oppose to the different many chooses that can be used. Some of the approaches to image communication incorporate: images, images, symbols and signs, designs and colors, charts and charts, typography, and cartoons and illustrations. I recently constructed a visible piece that communicated the steps to making a Latte. I have discovered that the ideal effective was using the visible communication. We used various images and illustrations, and topped that off after some typography. My own visual is primarily targeting the younger to old adults including the ages of young adults to senior citizens. I use the more merely method. Over the internet this as the easiest way to make a Latte for least to me. The following sentences will clarify why.

I believe that making use of the communicating aesthetically may only happen for a couple of seconds, especially when attempting to reach a group of the fresh adult towards the and old age groups like senior citizens. It is important that the communication be quick because you can lose people's interest. This is why the most crucial words in the visual and steps are the most effective. I attempted to keep the measures simple to keep the attention from the targeted audience to get as long as is essential to convey the message intended. Aside from brevity and being visually exciting, my visual communication strive was straightforward.

In summary, all of the approaches to communicate visually are in their own ways effective. Nevertheless , my photos display right demographic concentrating on, the most important and effective element of the connection process....

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