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Study case

11. 5. 2014

Making and apparel business contains a long tradition and it is well established. People usually feel need to protect themselves against the breeze, cold, sun etc…. In the past there was not a high demand for clothes, as it was very much as a cottage industry. Every thing starts to alter by industrial revolution, once development in technology opened the door and shows many other possibilities. Making became a progressively industrialized process. Because the materials does not have a fixed and controllable shape, this kind of industry remained a labor-intensive process. For the reason that demand was satisfied, the role of design became much more important than just covering and safeguarding our bodies. Today, manufacturing became a global market fuelled with a huge with regard to differentiation and personalization. With this industry issues much more than just price; variety, speed, company and quality has a big influence upon success.

As in every business, there are businesses which underline the power of innovation and entrepreneurship. One of these corporations is Inditex, which was structured on Amancio Ortega Gaona in 1963. The corporation has eight brand groups. One of these is definitely ZARA, popular brand around the globe all around the world.

To start with a PEST analysis, we should mention that company is established vacation, the country with political balance. The The country of spain is also a part of European Union, where the boarders of the countries are becoming thin and there are less and less regulations for trading... Another advantage for the business is use of Euro, as a result of no exchange rate, fermo currency and low inflation. For the society the fashion became element of lifestyle. Design and style is much more important that before, and it is essential for achievement in clothing industry. The Zara has built strong status and became famous over earlier years, by offering clothes with newest design and style, good quality and affordable prices. Likewise fashion became a lifestyle component, where beauty and quality matters. The well dresses people are respected more since people, who also do not genuinely care what exactly they are wearing. Since ZARA is offering classic and Italianate appear, with current trends, various customers around the globe became a loyal following finding themselves in their style. ZARA created a strong brand and start to play an important position in clothing business. ZARA offers various designs by leisure to causal and work clothing. They also have lines as ZARA Women, ZARA Men and ZARA Children and the previous and most recent one ZARA Home, so basically the entire family will discover pieces on their own for any event. Accessibility of ZARA is nearly unlimited. ZARA has had opened store in almost every important greater city, atlanta divorce attorneys big shopping mall and even more stores in one city that just one single. They are noted in 75 countries all around the world and the places that they did not open any store they offer services of their online store. ZARA has a competitive advantage, because they are able to exchange the series in less than month, in contrast with H& Meters to whom it requires more than 3-4 months. Their impressive system, exactly where newly accepted designs happen to be cut and then distributed to small workshops allowed them to work quickly and flexible. Communication and transferring information are fast daily, and ZARA can quickly analyze what is trendy, and what is not. Strong points of the ZARA are: well established distribution programs, strong manufacturer, favorable popularity, newest styles and affordable cost intended for middle course, fast changing collections, well established communication channels, strong location on the market, impressive thinking, most of designers. Weak points of ZARA include insufficient patent security, ability to be agile in design production, competitors, losing quality and reputation. Possibilities...


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